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PSALTER. France, 3rd quarter 15th c.? Ms. on vellum, littera textualis in brown ink, 18 rules to a page. 202 lvs. 180 x 135 mm. W. 6 gilt initials w. a height of 4 rules and with painted decorations in all margins, numerous gilt intials w. a height of 2 rules, lombards in red and blue alternately. Medieval blind stamped cf. over wooden brds., spine and corners on all sides replaced by modern cf., silver clasp and catch from a later period, the spine gilt lettered w. the word 'horarium'.

Content: (ff. 1r-184r) Psalms in numerical order, with hymns and references to antiphons and other texts of the choral prayer; incomplete. - (ff. 184r-201r) Cantica. - (ff.201r-202v) Litany of all Saints, incomplete. Of the eight leaves with painted decoration over four margins, six remain. They mark the beginning of matins on Tuesday through Saturday (Psalm 38, 52, 68, 80, 97) and of vespers on Sunday (Psalm 109). Five leaves with Psalm 1-6 are missing from the first quire, including the painted decoration for the start of Matins on Sunday (to cover up this lacuna, the decorated leaf with Psalm 52 and part of Psalm 53 has been cut loose and placed in front). Catchwords up to and including f. 98 surrounded by decorative drawings; at the catchword on f. 122 a name: "Symon de Morell". As may be concluded from the last 2 lvs. the manucript remained unfinished (lack of intitials and lombards). In very good condition.

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