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BOOK OF HOURS. Northern Netherlands (Noord-Nederland), 4th quarter 15th c. Ms. on vellum, littera textualis in brown ink, 18 rules to a page. 78 lvs. W. large gilt initial w. a height of 9 rules and with painted decorations in all margins, numerous intials in blue, red and green w. a height of 5 rules w. decorations in outer left margin, lombards in red and blue alternately. 180 x 133 mm. Later vellum w. overl. sides.

Content: Calendar (ff. 1-12); Hours of Mary, incomplete (ff. 33r-38v, 24r-32v, 67r-75v, 17r-23v); Hours of Eternal Wisdom, incomplete (ff. 59r-66v, 39r-48v); Extended Hours of the Holy Cross, incomplete (ff. 13r-16v, 49r-58v, 76r-78r). Not present: the Seven Penitential Psalms, a Litany of Saints, and an Office for the Dead. Also lacking all full-page miniatures before f. 33, f. 59 and f. 13. - Sold w.a.f., not subject to return.

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