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KULHÁNEK, Oldrich (1940-2013). Prohibita 1967-91. (Prague, Vlad. Burjarek, 1990's). 1 explaining text-leaf & 13 or. etchings by Kulhánek, all signed, numb. "E.A." dated & titled in pencil. Lge-fol. In or. portfol.

This collection was created in the years 1967-1971 (the name Prohibita was given to these graphic plates much later). Kulhánek was persecuted for these etchings and they were condemned to be burned. Thanks to the courage of his wife, the plates were hidden and found in the second half of the 1990s. Under the care of printer Vladimír Bujárek Jr. a limited edition print No. II was printed in 30 copies. Our copy "E.A." The plates are: "Nástenka", "Super", "Záda", "Hurá", "Rozvicka", "Cerná hodinka", "Grasp", "Andelicku, muj straznicku", 'Coz tedy ciniti budeme?", Bude stale tezsi vyvaznout", "I vy naplnte míru otcu svych", "make-up", "Svátek nevinátek". - All plates with owner's stamp 'L(eo) v(an M(aris)' on v°.

€ 1200

uitslag € 4000

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