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BUCER (also BUCCER, BUTZER), M. Abusuum ecclesiasticorum, et rationis, qua corrigi eos abusus oporteat, indicatio Imperatoriæ Maiestati, in comitiis Reguespurgi, postulanti, exhibita. Strasbourg, (Wendelin Rihel, Mense Augusto 1541. 12 lvs. 4°. Mod. brds.

Bucer (or Butzer), Martin (1491-1551), one of the leaders in the South German Reformation movement. He studied at Heidelberg and there he became an ardent admirer of Erasmus, and soon an enthusiastic disciple of Luther. Bucer was, after Luther and Melanchthon, the most influential of German Reformers. - Extremely rare: 3 editions appeared in 1541: in June, in August (this copy) and September. - Pils, Bucer Bibliogr., 110; C. Augustijn, In: M. Bucers deutsche Schriften, Bd. 9,2, p. 32-33; this edition not in VD 16?

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