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HUMBOLDT, A. v. Kosmos. Entwurf einer physischen Weltbeschreibung. (&) Atlas zu Alexander v. Humboldt's Kosmos. Volks-Ausg. (…) hrsg. v. T. Bromme. Stuttgart/Augsburg, Cotta/Krais & Hoffmann, 1845-62. 6 vols., incl. atlas vol. xvi, 493; (2), 544; (2), 644; (2), 649; (2), 1297 pp. & 136 pp. W. 39 engr. maps, for the greater part cold. by hand, and 3 plain engr. plates w. tog. 30 views. 8° (5) and 4°-obl. Cont. hcf. w. dec. gilt backs (5) & blindtooled cl. w. gilt lettering. (Top of spine vol. 1 a bit dam., atlas-vol. skilfully rebacked).

"Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) produced in his 'Cosmos' one of the last really comprehensive physical surveys ever to be attempted. (…). In his own words it was meant 'to represent in one work the whole material world, everything we know today of the phenomena in the celestial spaces and of life on earth, from the nebulae to the geography of mosses on granite rocks (…) it is meant to describe a chapter in the intellectual development of mankind (the knowledge of nature)". PMM 320. - Complete set with the often lacking 5th volume and atlas volume (1851).

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