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GAMES/TOYS -- ANKER STEENBOUWDOOS/STEINBAUKASTEN/ANCHOR BLOCKS/BOITE DE CONSTRUCTION: nrs. 4A, 4 1/2, 6A, 8A, 10A, 12A, 14A, 16A and 6A: "Bridge-box". Rudolstadt (etc.), Ad. Richter & Cie, (first quarter 20th c.). Tog. 9 or. wooden boxes with sliding lids. -- Added: a collection of model booklets: RICHTER'S BOUWVOORBEELDEN/BAUVORLAGEN. Nr. 2, 6 nieuwe reeks (n.r.), 8 n.r., 10 n.r., 16 n.r., 18 n.r. Sm-8°-obl. Owrps. -- And: RICHTER Album de ponts/Brückenbuch Nr. 4 & 6. Sm-8°-obl. Owrps. -- And: DER GESCHICKTE BAUMEISTER. Nr. 8 neue Folge (n.F.), 10 n.F., 16 n.F., 18 n.F. 8°-obl. Owrps. -- (21).

The 'Anker Steinbaukasten' were developed at the end of the 19th century by the German aircraft pioneer Otto Lilienthal and his brother Gustav, who was an architect. The two brothers - both haunted by money worries - sold the patent on their construction kits in 1892 to the Richter firm in Rudolstadt. The boxes are complete or contain (to the best of our knowledge) the majority of all the stone pieces which should be present in white, red & blue. 3 lids a bit dam., but in excellent condition.

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