Veiling 352 Classical Antiquity - Authors

ARISTOTELES -- OPPENRAAY, A.M.I. v., ed. Aristotle De Animalibus. Michael Scot's Arabic-Latin translation, pt. 1: Books I-III: History of animals. (2020). - Id. The letter before the spirit: The importance of text editions for the study of the reception of Aristotle. 2012. - L.S. FILIUS. The Arabic version of Aristotle's Historia Animalium. Book I-X of the Kitâb Al-Hayawân. (2019). - SERGIUS OF RESHAINA. Introd. to Aristotle and his Categories, addressed to Philotheos. Syriac text, w. introd., transl. & comm. by S. Aydin. (2016). -- Y. MEYRAV. Themistius' paraphrase of Aristotle's Metaphysics 12. A crit. Hebrew-Arabic ed. (2019). - 5 vols. Obrds. (ALS 5.1a, 22-25).

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