Veiling 352 Collection J.M.A. Biesheuvel

COLLECTION of 36 Dutch literary works, nearly all inscribed by the authors to Maarten and Eva Biesheuvel, or signed. Pbcks./owrps. (35). and or. bind. (Traces of use/(smoke) stains in places).

WOLKERS, J. De junival. 1982. W. drawing by the author and inscription on the half-ti. -- S. CARMIGGELT. Jeugdpuistjes. 1981. Signed by the author. -- L. WEEMOEDT. Overal wat. 1995. Inscribed by the author. -- Id. Geduldig lijden. (1977). W. poem in ms. by the author. -- J. v. DOORN. Langzame wals. 1986. Inscribed by the author. -- a.m.o.: Kousbroek, Peereboom, Portnoy, Poll, Den Uyl, etc.

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