Veiling 352 Classical Antiquity - Authors

ARISTOTELES -- CLEARY, J.J. Aristotle and mathematics. Aporetic method in cosmology and metaphysics. 1993. -- P. SLOMKOWSKI. Aristotle's Topics. 1997. -- C. LUNA. Trois études sur la tradition des commentaires anciens à la Métaphysique d'Aristote. 2001. -- S. ALEXANDRU. Aristotle's Metaphysics Lambda. Annot. crit. ed. based upon a systematic investigation of Greek, Latin, Arabic and Hebrew sources. (2014). -- R. MAYHEW, ed. The Aristotelian Problemata Physica. Philosophical and scientific investigations. (2015). -- D. BLYTH. Aristotle's ever-turning world in Physics 8: Analysis and commentary. (2016). -- 6 vols. Obrds. (4) & ocl. w. dust-j.

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