Veiling 352 Classical Antiquity - Authors

ARISTOTELES. Meteorologicorum ll. IV. Rec. ind. verborum addidit F.H. Fobes. (Repr. ed. 1919). 1967. Ocl. -- A. FALCON. Corpi e movimenti. Il De caelo di Aristotele e la sua fortuna nel mondo antico. (2001). Owrps. (A few pencil stripes). -- M. WILSON. Structure and method in Aristotle's Meteorologia. A more disorderly nature. (2013). Obrds. w. dust-j. -- J.C. THOM, ed. Cosmic order and divine power. Pseudo-Aristotle, On the Cosmos. (2014). Ocl. w. dust-j. -- G. REALE & A.P. BOS. Il trattato Sul Cosmo per Alessandro attrib. ad Aristotele. (1995). Ocl. w. dust-j. -- And 4 o. by/on A. (9).

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