Veiling 352 Classical Antiquity - Authors

PLOTINUS. L'immortalità dell'anima IV 7[2]. Plotiniana Arabica (pseudo-Teologia di Aristotele, cap. I, III, IX). (Ed.) di C. d'Ancona. (2017). Owrps. -- Id. La bellezza intelligibile. A cura di Chr. Vassallo. Owrps. (Spudasmata 183). -- E. ELIASSON. The notion of That which depends on us in Plotinus and its background. 2008. Obrds. (PA, 113). -- D. O'BRIEN. Théodicée plotinienne, théodicée gnostique. 1993. Ocl. w. dust-j. (PA, 57). -- R. CHIARADONNA, cur. Studi sull'anima in Plotino. (2005). Owrps. -- And 4 o. by/on P. (9).

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