Veiling 351 Modern Art

WITKOWSKY, M.S., (a.o.). Moholy-Nagy, future, present. (2016). Or. pictorial brds. w. transparent jacket. -- J. TSAI. The paintings of Moholy-Nagy. The shape of things to come. (2015). 4°. Or. pictorial brds. -- B. TAYLOR. After Constructivism. (2014). Lge-8°. Obrds. w. dust-j. -- J. MILNER. Kazimir Malevich and the art of Geometry. 1996. 4°. Obrds. w. dust-j. -- M. TUPITSYN. Malevich and Film. W. essays by K. Malevich and V. Tupitsyn. (2002). 4°. Obrds. w. dust-j. -- (5).

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