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AMERICA -- BRY, Th. de. Admiranda narratio fida tamen, de commodis et incolarum ritibus Virginiae. Frankf., 1590. Present: Engr. ti., engr. plate of Adam & Eve, double-p. map of Virginia, 2 dedic. engrs., 22 engrs. (numb. 2-23), 5 costume plates. - Indorum Floridam Provinciam inhabitantium eicones. (=2nd ti. of 2nd vol.). Frankf., 1591. Present: Engr. ti. (second title), 42 numb. engrs., 1 engr. w. Ark of Noah & 1 engr. coat of arms. (Without map of Florida). - Americae tertia pars memorabile provinciae Brasiliae historiam. Frankf., 1592. Present: Engr. ti., engr. w. coats of arms, 29 (of 45) large engrs. - Americae pars quarta. Frankf., 1594. Present: Engr. ti., engr. w. coats of arms, fold. engr. map of West Indies, 26 engrs. - 'Recueil factice' of plates and maps which are cut out and laid down (on 81 lvs.), some with captions, all text lvs. lack. - Tog. in 1 vol. Fol. Fine 18th c. mottled cf. w. raised bands, dec. gilt back and burgundy label.

Sabin p. 24-37; Muller 1862. - Plates and maps taken from vol. 1-4 from Theodore de Bry's 'Great Voyages'. - Sold as a collection of plates. Not subject to return.

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