Veiling 350 Prints & Drawings

VISSER, Leo (1880-1950). Collection of coloured lithographed calendars and loose calendar leaves, including 8 complete calendars, and a small collection of 37 original drawings after nature from Visser's workshop. c. 1920-1941. Tog. 161 lvs. Various sizes. (A bit thumbed/foxed in places, some lithographs w. small marginal chips, but all in good condition).

Unique collection of very colourful calenders and bright calender leaves designed by Leo Visser and deriving from his workshop. Complete are the calenders for the years 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1931, 1932 and 1941 (smallest 290 x 270 mm, largest 450 x 300 mm), consisting of 40 leaves. The lithographs were very well executed by Herman Bernard Dieperink and published by Felix P. Abrahamson. The collection also comprises 78 odd calendar leaves from various years from 1920 up to 1938, including some duplicates and occasional proof prints. Some of these loose leaves also contain original sketches by the artist after nature on the v°-sides, for the greater part in pencil. The 37 leaves of uneven size contain original sketches by Visser of plants, flowers and animals, including 3 original designs for calendar leaves, of which 2 in colour and 1 in pencil. The calendar for 1941 also contains 6 loosely added duplicate leaves containing sketches after nature by Visser.

€ 3000

uitslag € 5500

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