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BUIJS, JACOBUS -- COLLECTION of over 400 finely washed miniature ink pen drawings, beautifully designed by Jacobus Buijs, and finely washed in various shades of grey and sepia, intended to serve as the models for the engraved illustrations of the complete works of Jacob Cats, newly edited by R. Feith, published in Amsterdam by J. Allart (1790-99) in 19 vols. Dif. sizes: most drawings c. 65 x 45 mm or 45 x 45 mm. All tipped in on small board paper mounts.

Unique collection of beautiful drawings by Jacobus Buijs (1724-1801), finely executed in a rich palette of greys and sepia, intended to illustrate a new edition of the works of Jacob Cats, freely based on the original Cats' illustrations by Adriaan van de Venne. The new plates after Buijs' models were engraved by M. Sallieth & A. Zurcher. Some of the model drawings vary in size, the titles and frontispieces are full-page and measure c. 65 x 95 mm, and one is probably double-page, c. 122 x 93 mm. Two portraits are also different in size: 45 x 62 mm and 65 x 75 mm. Added: A full typewritten list of contents by Dr. L. Buijnsters-Smets, giving the volumes and the pages where the corresponding engraved plates by Sallieth and Zurcher are found in the published work. - Perfectly preserved collection. Cf. Fontaine Verwey, Ill. Letterk. Werken 18e eeuw, p. 83ff. (and on the use of model drawings pp. 94-95); L. Buijnsters-Smets, Jacobus Buijs als Boekillustrator, in: Documentatie-Blad Werkgroep 18e eeuw XVI, 63-64 (1984), p. 100. On Buijs, see Scheen I, p. 193; Waller, Biogr. Woordenb., p. 55; Wurzbach I, 1 p. 226.

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