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MARITIME HISTORY - TRAVELLING -- BRUYN (also BRUIN or BRUIJN), C. de. Reizen door de vermaardste Deelen van Klein Asia, De Eylanden Scio, Rhodus, Cyprus, Metelino, Stanchio, &c. Mitsgaders de voornaamste Steden van Ægypten, Syrien en Palestina. Delft, H. v. Krooneveld, 1698, (18), 398, (8) pp. W. engr. front. by Mulder, engr. portr. of the author by Gerrit Valck, engr. fold. map (partly w. some colouring), 17 (the majority very large) fold. panoramic views, 26 fold./double-p. plates, 58 full-p. plates and 18 engr. in text. -- Id. Reizen over Moskovie, door Persie en Indie. Vertoonende De beroemste lantschappen en steden, ook de byzondere dragten, beesten, gewassen en planten, (…). Voor al derzelver oudheden, En wel voornamentlyk heel uitvoerig, die van het (…) Hof van Persepolis, By den Persiaenen Tchilminar genaemt. (2e dr.). Amst., R. & G. Wetstein, (a.o.), 1714. -- 2 vols. (8), 472, (12) pp. W. engr. front. by B. Picart, title in red and black, fine engr. portrait of the author by Gerrit Valck, 2 folding engr. maps, 11 fold. panoramic views, 54 double-p. plates, 44 full-p. plates and 36 engr. in text. -- 2 vols. Fol. Identical cont. vellum. (Both binds. skilfully rep., traces of use, several marg. repairs, fold. plates creased and/or a bit frayed, but good and complete copies).

Cornelis de Bruyn (1652-1726 or 1727), Dutch portrait painter and traveller. In 1674 he decided to leave The Netherlands for Rome where he became a member of the Bentveughels, a company of Dutch and Flemish painters. After two and a half years in Rome he continued his journey in 1677 to the Near East. His voyages took him to Turkey, several Greek islands, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Cyprus. In 1684 he travelled to Venice where he continued to work for eight years with the German painter Carlo Loth. In 1693 he returned to The Hague where he saw his 'Klein Asia' through the press. In 1701 he started this second journey which led him to Russia, Persia, India and Indonesia. In Russia he visited Archangelsk and the Samoyeds in North Russia. He was also commissioned to paint the cousins of Czar Peter with whom De Bruin also had a conversation in Dutch. In Persia he visited Persepolis and Ispahan. In 1705 he went to Ceylon and Java. The drawings he made, especially the large folding panoramic views of Moscow (30 x 190 cm), Ispahan (30 x 190 cm) and Persepolis (in 4 parts measuring in total 30 x 250 cm!), are very important because they are the first foreign representations of that kind and beautifully executed. - Tiele, 207 & 209; Drijvers, (e.a.). "Ik hadde de nieusgierigheid". De reizen door het Nabije Oosten v. C. de Bruijn (ca. 1652-1727); Cat. NHSM, p. 257; Cox I, 218 (on the first work): "One of the best illustrated works on the Levant".

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