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DELFT -- YEAST & SPIRIT -- A PILGRIMAGE INTO YEAST-LAND. June 9th 1893. Delft, (etc.), Van Markens Printing Works/Emrik & Binger, 1893. (11) lvs. of text & 18 full-p. plates, loose as issued. 4°-obl. In or. dec. cl. portfol. Rare. -- Added: A. v. MARKEN-MATTHES. Herinneringen uit het leven v. J.C. v. Marken. Delft, n.d. (c. 1907). Ocl. Private publication. -- J.C. v. MARKEN. Hoofdartikelen uit de Fabrieksbode. Delft, n.d. (c. 1906). 3 vols. Ocl. -- And 1 o. (6).

Jacob Cornelis ('Jacques') van Marken (1845-1906) was a progressive entrepreneur. He was the first to implement numerous improvements aimed at the workers, such as accident insurance, profit-sharing, etc. He founded the N.V. Nederlandsche Gist- & Spiritusfabriek and Calvé.

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