Auction 354 Netherlands - General Topography

DELFT -- DSC -- MASKERADE gehouden te Delft (…) Delftsch Studenten Corps ter viering v.h. XIe lustrum voorstellende: De omtocht v. Nikephoros II Phokas na zijne kroning binnen Byzantium op 16 aug. 963. Delft, 1903. (8) 'text lvs.' & 14 full-p. cold. lithogr. plates after J.J.R. Wetstein Pfister, loose as issued. Fol-obl. Ocl. portfol. w. ties. Scarce and in fine condition. -- Added: P.C. BOUTENS. Tafereelen uit het leven v. Lorenzo de Medici. (Uitg. t.g.v. XIIe lustrum v.h. DSC). (1908). (22) lvs., incl. 10 full-p. cold. lithogr. by Henricus (= Hendricus Jansen (1867-1921)). 4°-obl. Loose in or. (partly gilt) dec. cl. portfol. In fine condition, tog. w. 3 introductory booklets. -- And 4 o. in 5 vols. (10).

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result € 100

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