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"SOUVENIR D'AMITIÉ". Album amicorum containing 52 contributions by friends and relatives (?) of the (unknown) dedicatee. Dated between 1801 and 1816. Including 8 'drawings': an accurate drawing in colour of a blue tit (pimpelmees); an engr. allegorical representation of 'Hope', cold. by hand; a drawing in black ink of a rural landscape; a drawing of 2 angels in colour wash; a paper cut vase with flowers; a world map drawn in brown ink; and a round, cold. stipple engr. Sm-8°-obl. Cont. brown cf., richly gilt sides and spine w. green ticket reading 'Souvenir d'amitié'.

The oldest contributions are nearly all in German and dated around 1801 and from the text we understand that the album owner departed his home town Mittelwalde in Germany to set out on a journey which probably ended in Rotterdam, because contributions by Dutch friends (partly written in Dutch) begin to appear, dated 1805 and later. Names that occur are Gauglitz, Boehm, Stoeltzer, Ludwig, Seyfferth, Aders, Baumhauer, Koerber, Kreglinger, Drion, Niesche, Burger (Dutch), Van der Pot (Dutch).

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