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GRONINGEN -- VISSERING FAMILY/DE PUNT HUIZE WELGELEGEN GLIMMEN -- COLLECTION of family papers, for the greater part relating to the Groningen families Vissering, Ten Cate, Sissingh, Wiemand, Van Bockel, a.o. families. 17th-20th c. In 19th c. oak wooden box (19 x 16 x 33 cm), w. brass hinges, handle and fastener.

In 1853 the tobacco merchant Jacobus David Vissering from Groningen lived with his wife T.M. ten Cate in 'Huize Welgelegen' at De Punt (Glimmen). The Vissering family has owned the house for over a century. During their stay, the land holdings also expanded considerably. In 1882, the Ten Cate Vissering family owned 40 hectares of land, as well as four workhorses and cows. In 1867 approximately one hectare of land was sold for the construction of the Meppel-Groningen railway line. The collection comprises 2 copper plates of the tobacco shop 'Het Wapen van Amerika' which were used to print the shop sign on commercial bags, envelopes, etc. Also comprising contracts of sale and other financial/property transactions (i.a. on the sale of land for the railway to be built to Groningen in 1870), old shares/bonds, printed marital poems and elegies (i.a. by G.D. Oldersma), printed letters of resignation/appointment, old newspapers (period 1748-1820), letter on the flooding of De Beemster (1825), 2 glass photographs of the 'summerhouse' belonging to the Welgelegen estate, etc., etc. In total at least 70 individual documents.

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