Auction 353 Topographical Prints & Drawings

LOW COUNTRIES -- OPTICAL PRINTS -- "VUÊ de Vivier [Vijverberg] vers la cour, a la Haye". -- "VUÊ de la Porte de Scalveck à Harlem". -- (Augsb.), G.B. Probst, (c. 1780). 2 engr. perspective views, cold. by hand. c. 320 x 440 mm. W. captions engr. in the plate in 4 languages. -- Added: 2 similar by the same publisher, of which 1 is perforated to let (candle) light through. (Both dam.). -- Tog. 4 prints.

Sixt v. Kapff K219, K225, K199 and K218.

€ 90

result € 160

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