Auction 353 Topographical Prints & Drawings

LOW COUNTRIES -- LEIDEN -- "ARMINIAENSCHE SCHANS TOT LEYDEN, D'". (,, 1618. 363 x 274 mm. Cold. etched representation of the 'schans' on top of an explanation printed in Dutch. Framed & glazed. -- Added: "LUGDUNUM BATAVORUM, Leyden in Hollant". (1612). Attractive and simple plain engr. plan of the town. 243 x 332 mm. Framed & glazed. -- (2).

Ad 1: The Arminian Schans on the Breestraat: the sharp points on the fence were known as 'Oldenbarnevelt's teeth', after the Grand Pensionary of Holland, Prince Maurice's main political opponent. Uninspected out of frame. Muller, 1327. Ad 2: Uninspected out of frame. Guicciardini Illustratus, Leiden-2.2 (p. 258).

€ 180

result € 280

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