Auction 353 Topographical Prints & Drawings

LOW COUNTRIES -- "BELGICA FOEDERATA complectens Septem Provincias (…)". Augsb., T.C. Lotter, (1761). Cold. engr. map by M.A. Lotter. W. intricate and large allegorical cartouche displaying i.a. the coats of arms of the provinces and w. a scale indicator within separate cartouche. 475 x 580 mm. (Colour a bit ran out in places, but in good condition). -- Added: "NIEUWE KAART van Holland" - NIEUWE KAART van Groningen" - "NIEUWE KAART van Gelderland" - NIEUWE KAART van Friesland" - "NIEUWE KAART van Utrecht" - "NIEUWE KAART van de Provincie Zeeland". - 1781-97. Tog. 6 cold. engr. maps by Klockhoff, Van Jagen (2x), Krevelt (2x), and Van Baarsel. Each c. 340 x 425 mm. Taken from Kok's Vaderl. Woordenboek. (1st mentioned a bit stained, 5th mentioned a bit browned). -- (7).

€ 120

result € 220

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