Auction 353 Topographical Prints & Drawings

FRANCE -- "TERRITORIUM METENSE (…)/Le Pais Messin". -- "LIONNOIS, Forest, Beauiolois et Masconnois". -- "DUCATUS ANDEGAVENSIS, (…)/Aniou". -- "LA SOUVERAINETE de Dombes". -- Amst., Blaeu, c. 1670. Tog. 4 engr. maps, cold. by hand. c. 390 x 500 mm each. (Recently) framed, glazed and under passepartouts. (Some defects to image visible in 2nd and 4th mentioned, but all apparently loose and only hinged to mounts).

Uninspected out of frames. V.d. Krogt II, 4270; 4800; 4440; 4820.

€ 150

result € 130

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