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METEOROLOGY/CLIMATOLOGY -- KÖPPEN, W. & A. WEGENER. Die Klimate der geologischen Vorzeit. 1924. iv, 255, (1) pp. W. fold. table, & some ill./diagrams. Lge-8°. Wrps., uncut. (Ti-p. a bit browned). Rare. -- E.N. LORENZ. The nature and theory of the general circulation of the atmosphere. 1967. xxv, 161 pp. W. diagrams. 4°. Ocl. -- H. ERTEL. Methoden und Probleme der dynamischen Meteorologie. 1938. Owrps. -- M. BRILLOUIN. Mémoires originaux sur la circulation générale de l'atmosphère. Halley, Hadley, Maury, Ferrel, W. Siemens, Möller, Oberbech, von Helmoltz. Annot. & comm. 1900. Or. limp cl. (W. stamp, a bit browned). -- (4).

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