Auction 353 Bibliography - Typography - Fine Printing - Private Presses

CLEEMPOEL, K. v. Astrolabes at Greenwich. A catalogue of astrolabes in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. (2005). 4°. Obrds. w. dust-j. In slipcase. -- P. v.d. KROGT. Old globes in the Netherlands. A catalogue of terrestrial and celestial globes made prior to 1850 and preserved in Dutch collections. 1984. Ocl. w. dust-j. -- O. MURIS & G. SAARMAN. Der Globus im Wandel der Zeiten. Eine Geschichte der Globen. (1961). Ocl. -- K. GAULKE. Der Ptolemäus von Kassel. Landgraf Wilhelm IV. von Hessen-Kassel und die Astronomie. (2007). 4°. Obrds. -- And 2 o. (6).

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