Auction 353 Non European Civilizations - Far East

CHINA - JAPAN -- SHIBUI, K & S. KIKUCHI. Masterpieces of Ukiyo-e Prints, Series 1-6 (all published). Ed. by Zauho Press. (Tokyo), Shueisha Co., Ltd., 1971-72. 6 vols. W. tog. 289 cold. and (partly) tipped in plates, some fold., the majority under tissue guards. Fol. Or. uniformly cold. cloth bindings in or. cloth folders with bone fasteners, the folders all in different colours. (2 fasteners gone, folders trifle sunned, but a very good set).

Attractive and well-produced publications, with introduction and captions in English, and information on prints in Japanese. Comprising: 1: Harunobu; 2: Kiyonaga; 3: Utamaro; 4: Sharaku; 5: Hokusai; 6: Hiroshige.

€ 800

result € 650

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