Auction 352 Non European Civilizations - Malay Archipelago

OCHSE, J.J. & R.C. BAKHUIZEN v.d. BRINK. Vegetables of the Dutch East Indies. (Repr. ed. 1931). 1980. Prof. ill. Ocl. -- C.G.G.J. v. STEENIS. Malayan bignoniaceae, their taxonomy, origin and geographical distribution. 1927. Owrps. (W. stamp). -- A.H. BISSCHOP GREVELINK. Planten van Ned.-Indië bruikbaar voor handel, nijverheid en geneeskunde. 1883. Ocl. (Bind. dam., w. stamps). -- J.D. GIMLETTE. Malay poisons and charm cures. 1929. Ocl. -- PHARMACOPOEA NEDERLANDICA. Ed. 4a. 1905. Hcl. extra. -- (5).

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