Auction 352 Classical Antiquity - Authors

ARISTOTELES. Della filosofia. Introd., testo, trad. e comm. eseget. di M. Untersteiner. 1963. Owrps. (Temi e Testi, 10). -- H. CHERNISS. Aristotle's criticism of Plato and the Academy. 1962. Ocl. -- I. DÜRING. Aristotle's Protrepticus. An attempt at reconstruction. (1961). Ocl. -- G. FINE. On ideas. Aristotle's criticism of Plato's theory of forms. (1995). Owrps. -- C. ROSSITTO. Studi sulla dialettica in Aristotele. (2000). Owrps. -- And 2 o. by/on A. (7).

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