Auction 352 Classical Antiquity - Authors

PSEUDO-ANDRONICUS. Peri Pathôn. Éd. crit. du texte grec et de la trad. lat. médiévale p. A. Glibert-Thirry. 1977. Owrps. -- S. SCHORN. Satyros aus Kallatis. Sammlund der Fragmente mit Kommentar. (2004). Obrds. -- W.W. FORTENBAUGH & E. SCHÜTRUMPF, eds. Dicaearchus of Messana. Text, translation, and discussion. (2001). Ocl. w. dust-j. -- G. REYDAMS-SCHILS, ed. Thinking through excerpts. Studies on Stobaeus. (2011). Owrps. -- And 2 o. (6).

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