Auction 352 Classical Antiquity - Authors

PRESOCRATICS -- EMPEDOCLES. The poem. A text and transl. w. an introd. by B. Inwood. Rev. ed. (2001). Owrps. -- A.L. PIERRIS, ed. The Empedoclean Kósmos: Structure, process and the question of cyclicity. Pt. 1: Papers. (2005). Owrps. -- O. PRIMAVESI. Empedokles Physika I. Eine Rekonstruktion des zentralen Gedankengangs. (2008). Ocl. -- Id. & A. MARTIN. L'Empedocle de Strasbourg (P. Strasb. gr. Inv. 1665-1666). Introd., éd. et comm. 1999. Obrds. -- I.G. KALOGERAKOS. Seele und Unsterblichkeit. Untersuchungen zur Vorsokratik bis Empedokles. 1996. Ocl. -- And 3 o. on E. (8). (Some vols. w. annot.).

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