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AUCTION SALE CATALOGUE -- SILVESTRE de SACY (A.-I.). Bibliothèque de M. le Baron Silvestre de Sacy. Par., 1842-47. 3 vols. Cont. cl.

The library of Silvestre de Sacy was the most important oriental library ever assembled by an individual; this sale catalogue, finely printed by the Imprimerie Royale, has remained invaluable owing to the meticulous descriptions by Merlin (for the printed books) and Grangeret de Lagrainge, Munk, Cahen, Belin, and Abbé Dubois (for the manuscripts). Brunet describes it as "a veritable bibliography of Oriental literature, particularly of Hebrew, Arabic and Persian languages. The titles are transcribed with exactitude, and many are accompanied by interesting notes." The Koran collection "is without a doubt the largest ever formed by a private individual" (G. Brunet). It comes with a 62-page biography of the collector by Daunou. - Brunet V, 390.

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