Auction 351 Children's Books

GAMES/TOYS -- PUBLIEKE VERKOOPING. Venduhuis., no publ., n.d. (c. 1870). Cardboard box, 90 x 165 x 23 mm, w. hand cold. lithogr. lid. The box contains 29 hand cold. lithogr. cardboard cards, 90 x 55 mm, representing all kinds of domestic objects (the lots in the sale), 29 purple paper 'object cards' w. printed text only, and 1 larger hand cold. lithogr. card similar to the one on the lid. (Rules of the game lack, in good condition apart from some traces of use). - Buijnsters, Paper Toys, 323. -- Added: 2 o. (incomplete) board games. (3).

€ 100

result € 450

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