Auction 351 Judaism - Part 1

BEKKUM, W.J. v. The secular poetry of El'azar ben Ya'aqov ha-Bavli. Baghdad, 13th c. on the basis of Ms. Firkovicz Heb. IIA, 210.1 St. Petersburg. 2007. Obrds. -- Id. A Hebrew Alexander romance according to MS London, Jews' College, no. 145. Ocl. w. dust-j. (OLA). -- Id. A Hebrew Alexander romance according to MS Héb. 671.5 Paris, Bibl. Nat. 1994. Obrds. -- R.S. KRAEMER. When Aseneth met Joseph. A late antique tale of the biblical patriarch and his Egyptian wife, reconsidered. 1998. Obrds. w. dust-j. -- F.C. CONYBEARE, (a.o.). The story from Ahikar from the Aramaic, Syriac, Arabic, Armenian, Ethiopic, Old Turkish, Greek and Slavonic versions. 2nd ed. enl. 7 corr. 1913. Ocl. (Spine faded). -- And 5 o. (10).

€ 60

result € 110

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