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SCIOPPIUS -- ALPHONSUS de VARGAS (= G. Scioppius). Relatio ad reges et principes Christianos, de stratagematis et sophismatis politicis Soc. Jesu ad monarchiam orbis terrarum sibi conficiendam. No place (Germany?), 1641. 444 pp. 12°. Cont. limp brds. (Brds. a bit worn, a bit browned/foxed, but w. ample, uncut margins).

One of the many anti-Jesuit writings by Scioppius, all published under various pseudonyms and listed by de Backer-Sommervogel III, 867-70. See also Willems 1620 who describes an Elzevier 12° edition of the same year with 347 pp., and Rahir 1905 an edition possibly printed by Heger in Leiden. In the subtitle, in our copy as follows: In qua Jesuitarum erga reges ac populos optime de ipsis meritos infidelitas, ergaque ipsum Pontificem perfidia, contumelia & in fidei rebus novandi libido illustribus documentis comprobatur, the edition described in Willems has contumacia instead of contumelia. De Backer-Sommervogel mention a similar edition (12°, with contumelia, 444 p.) for 1642, not 1641. Next to other official pieces the papal Suppressio praetensae Congregationis Jesuitissarum, earlier published in Rome in 1632, is reproduced on pp. 407-423. The work was first published in Frankfurt in 1636 in-4°. Judging from the typography and the paper our edition was probably also produced in Germany. The copy of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, see Willems, Bibliotheca Fletcheriana p. 199.

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