Auction 350 Non European Civilizations - Ancient Near East & Middle East

GRABAR, O., ed. Muqarnas. An annual on Islamic Art and Architecture. Vol. 1-2. (1983-84). 2 vols. Ocl. w. dust-j. -- A.OHTA, (a.o.), eds. Art, Trade and Culture in the Islamic World and Beyond. From the Fatimids to the Mughals. Studies presented to Doris Behrens-Abouseif. (2016). 4°. Obrds. w. dust-j. -- S. CARBONI & D. WHITEHOUSE. Glass of the Sultans. (2001). 4°. Ocl. w. dust-j. -- M. JENKINS-MADINA. Raqqa Revisited. Ceramics of Ayyubid Syria. (2006). 4°. Ocl. w. dust-j. -- S.C. WELCH & K. MASTELLER. From Mind, Heart, and Hand. Persian, Turkish, and Indian Drawings from the Stuart Cary Welch Collection. (2004). 4°. Ocl. w. dust-j. -- And 1 o. (7).

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